Stiller Täubler KG

Stiller & Täubler KG understands itself as trading agency and supervises resale, wholesale and retail in Austria (and, for some of our partners, also in Slovenia) on behalf of the respective commercial agencies.

  • we represent noteable companies in a variety of goods: impliment, household, electric, sanitary,... 
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  • we offer top personal commitment to the trading sector and guarantee all day (24-hour) availability.
  • we have profound knowledge of the trade, and offer information, consulting and planning. S&T supervises branches throughout Austria.
  • In conjunction with the commercial agencies we perform extensive marketing.
  • Due to optimal collaboration we will be THE RIGHT PARTNER for your future!

We take care of your wishes and solve your problems. Get information and advice about your options for a higher turnover and more profit.

Plan additional sales prospects together with us.